I imagine a Public Service Commission that takes care of its people. I imagine a Public Service Commission that creates policies that keeps Alabama clean and healthy for our children. I imagine a Public Service Commission that persistently gives power to the people.


We know that Alabama has a history of corruption, and the Public Service Commission has been no exception. The PSC has not held a formal public hearing on Alabama’s utility rates since 1982. I knew transparency was important, but I did not know how important it was until I attended a PSC meeting and realized that every decision was already made behind closed doors. I felt robbed, and they were raising prices on utilities I could already barely afford. You deserve to know why your energy bill is so high. If you vote for me, there will be public meetings and live videos for those who cannot make it to the meetings. I will fight for the public to voice their opinion on what matters most to them. As PSC Commissioner, I would ensure that there would be at least monthly meetings to keep Alabamians updated on important policy decisions and give opportunities for you to voice your concerns. Transparency ensures that Public Service Commission is representing what the people need and want consistently.


For too long our rates have been set behind closed doors. Alabama has one of the highest utility rates in the entire country despite being the third poorest state in the nation. This is shameful and outrageous. We need to audit our utility companies to ensure that rate increases on Alabamians are a thing of the past. We need to create ways to lower the electricity rates on residential homes by creating policies that encourage the use of independent solar energy


Alabama, even though it is one of the sunniest states in the nation, ranks nearly last in solar energy production. I believe that expanding energy jobs in Alabama would provide a brighter, reliable, and cleaner future for all Alabamians. As a Christian, I believe that we have a right to use what God has given us: the sun. God gave us an infinite amount of sun, but a finite amount of coal. I believe that God gave us coal to discover electricity and there’s only a finite amount because we aren’t meant to live off of it. It is infuriating that we have to pay for something that is a God-given right, and that is why I will eliminate the barrier of the solar tariff. The solar industry is booming in other states in the Southeast such as Georgia and Tennessee, and if I were elected I would push for making the transition to solar energy easier for Alabamians. Solar energy would provide Alabama with an opportunity to become a leader in renewable energy job growth, providing thousands of jobs for engineers, architects, accountants, construction workers, and administrative professionals. Renewable energy provides a reliable energy source for rural areas, which would not only increase the quality of life of 45% of Alabamians, but also provide job opportunities and energy independence for those who have been forgotten. Alabamians have a right to job opportunities, economic development, a clean environment, and energy independence.